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10.6 Agenda for Child Protection Review Conference


  1. Presentation of reports and Child Protection Plan;
  2. Introductions by Chair;
  3. Apologies;
  4. Discussion in respect of the progress of the Child Protection Plan, involving all agencies and family members;
  5. Discussion in respect of the Child Protection Plan and amendments where required;
  6. Conclusions in respect of the identified Child Protection issues;
  7. Recommendations arising from the review, including time and date of next review.


Knowsley Local Safeguarding Children Board fully encourages the participation of both parents and children (if of sufficient age and understanding) at reviews.


Knowsley Local Safeguarding Children Board confirms that participants in this review distinguish between fact, observation, allegation and opinion and strive to eliminate biased views in relation to race, culture, gender, sexuality, age, disability or class.

It is essential that decisions in respect of Child Protection issues are free from prejudice; similarly, protection plans that are formulated must be sensitive to the child's needs, including race, culture, disability, linguistic and religious background.


Review Conference members are reminded of the confidential nature of information presented to the conference and are asked to ensure that information is only shared with people outside of this conference if they need to know in order to protect a child.