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November 2019

Updated Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) This chapter has been amended by updating Appendix 1: Children’s Safeguarding Services – Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub Operational Procedures.

June 2019

New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Key Principles This chapter has been updated to reflect Working Together and Keeping Children Safe in Education. (See Section 2.1, ‘An Integrated Approach’ and Section 2.6, ‘Supervision and Staff development’).
Information Sharing This chapter has been amended to add a link to ‘GOV.UK - Child sex offender disclosure scheme guidance’ which contains Guidance and tools to help practitioners implement the child sex offender disclosure scheme. (See Section 5, ‘National Guidance on Information Sharing’).
Early Help Assessment Framework in Knowsley This chapter has been updated to reflect Working Together 2018 including Contextual Safeguarding. See Section 3,‘Early Help Assessment Framework in Knowsley’ and Section 5, ‘Consent’.
Cross-Border Child Protection Cases Under the 1996 Hague Convention This chapter has been amended to provide a link regarding criminal records checks for overseas applicants, (see Section 2.3, ‘Request from another state for foster care or home transfer’).
Allegations against Staff, Carers and Volunteers

This chapter has been amended to highlight that any settlement or agreement for a person to resign must not prevent a referral to the DBS to consider whether to add the individual to the barred list. It is an offence to fail to make a referral without good reason. (See Resignations and Settlement Agreements). Note also teachers should be reported to the teachers Regulating Agency, (see Referral to DBS or Regulatory Body).

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Multi-Agency Protocol This chapter has been amended to add a link to National FGM Centre, FGM Assessment Tool for Social Workers, (see Relevant Guidance). The Tool has two elements: Best Practice Guidance and an Online FGM Assessment Tool to help guide the assessment of cases where FGM is a concern. The Tool provides recommendations and does not replace professional judgments.
Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment A definition has been added for Child Sexual Abuse within the family environment (also known as Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse) - see Section 1, ‘Definition’. In Section 2, ‘Risk and Indicators’, a model is suggested by the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse outlining some of the likely impacts of Child Sexual Abuse was included, together with additional links in ‘Further Information’.
Serious Case Review Process Practice Guidance This chapter has been updated to reflect the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the updated Data Protection Act 2018.

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